Linksys WI-FI Booster Setup

Want to extend the coverage of you Wi-Fi signals in some parts of your home. Don’t know how to execute it? You need Wi-Fi booster. They are really helpful in providing stable Wi-Fi coverage in your desired location. They work by getting your accessible Wi-Fi signal by enlarging it and next broadcasting the enhanced signal. With this, those areas of your home also get a stable Wi-Fi signal where you never expected. So to taking under consideration, we are today demonstrating Linksys WI-FI booster setup in few simple steps.

But before you actually opting for Linksys WI-FI booster setup, you can try moving your router to a different place. If possible try to place router at the center. If that doesn’t help then look if your router needs an up-gradation. If you are using an old model of the router then time to switch to any Linksys smart Wi-Firouter. Now start the course of action for Linksys WI-FI booster setup for the model RE1000 by the use of setup CD. If the user doesn’t have setup CD then no need to worry, User can download latest Extender Setup Software or firmware.Also Make sure you have dynamic 2.4 GHz wireless network connection, Wireless Network Name, Password or Security Key.
  • • Start by inserting Linksys Wi-Fi booster Setup CD into optical (CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) drive.
  • • Next when you see auto play window tap the option of Setting up your Linksys Range Extender.
  • • When a window of End-User License Agreement I have read and accepted the License Terms for using this software box & click on Next to move further.
  • • Wait for a minute till software prepares for set wireless connection among router and Linksys WI-FI booster.
  • • After completion of wireless connective plug Wi-Fi booster into electrical outlet & click Next.
  • • After that software will look for Linksys WI-FI booster & try to connect with Wi-Fi Network.
  • Linksys WI-FI booster setup further steps need experts’ guidance. So we suggest you place call to our technical support for leftover steps. You simply need to place a call on a toll free number or you can drop a query message in a comment box.